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Between The Posts: Changes

The Titans are making moves.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans made some undeniably positive moves today, with the addition of Dick Lebeau to the staff (officially) and the much-warranted release of maligned OT Michael Oher.

From the outside looking in the Titans created another need, but the front office needed to show some accountability for poor play, and their release of Oher shows that. This has been something missing in recent seasons, and while I have been critical of Whisenhunt's regime so far, they have at least admitted their own mistakes (Webster's anyway) to a degree.

Dick Lebeau taking over the control of the defensive side of the ball and Mike Mularkey performing the same role for the offense will theoretically give Whisenhunt more time to focus on his play calling, and some of the finer intricacies of the offensive side of the ball. It's admittedly an odd setup, but something had the change. Maybe the reshuffling will pay dividends. Only time will tell.

Now re-sign Derrick Morgan, Webster, and keep the train moving.