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Titans release Michael Oher


Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have decided to part ways with Michael Oher.  The news was first reported by Rebels 247 and has since been confirmed by Jim Wyatt.  They gave Oher a ridiculous contract, 4-years $20 million with almost $10 guaranteed, last offseason.

Oher was bad in Baltimore in 2013.  He followed that up by being bad in Tennessee in 2014.  He ended the season, like most of the offensive line, on injured reserve.  The circumstances that landed him there always seemed a little bit fishy to me.  He re-injured his toe in warm-ups in week 15, after it looked like he was ready to play, and was put on IR the following week.

Of course most people know Oher for The Blind Side, the movie that was based on his life.  Oher has never really lived up to the hype he had coming out of college.  He was drafted as a left tackle, but has played right tackle for the majority of his career.

This puts the Titans in the market for a starting right tackle in either free agency of the draft.