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Ken Whisenhunt Talks About the Dick LeBeau Hire

It's finally official.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Titans finally made the addition of Dick LeBeau to the staff official today in a press release that included a quote from Ken Whisenhunt.  Here is what he had to say about the hire:

This is a unique opportunity to add someone like Dick to our coaching staff," said Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt. "He is a proven commodity in this league and great teacher. One of his greatest assets is the rare ability to relate to all different kinds of players and get the most of them. We had a lot of success together in Pittsburgh and I am looking forward to working together again.

The release makes it clear that LeBeau will run the defense. It says that Ray Horton will help implement it.

The release also said that Mike Mularkey has been promoted to assistant head coach/tight ends. Mularkey's role in the run game will be increased. Hopefully he can convince The Whiz to not ever let Leon Washington play a snap at running back.