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Todd McShay NFL mock draft: Titans and Leonard Williams

Harry How/Getty Images

Todd McShay has released a new mock draft this morning (In$ider), and he has the Titans taking Leonard Williams, DE, USC.  This has become a popular pick in mock drafts, and is popular with a lot of fans.  Here is what McShay had to say about the pick:

Williams is the complete package -- he can two-gap as a run-stuffer, but he can also penetrate and make plays against both the pass and the run. He'd make Jurrell Casey even better by drawing more double-teams and allowing Casey to do what he does best: use quickness to establish positioning, and disrupt. Having two studs in Williams and Casey on the defensive front would provide a boost for a team that ranked 31st in the league in rushing yards per game allowed last season. The Titans have a huge need at QB and would have to consider Marcus Mariota here, but he's a risk despite his big-time upside because of his lack of experience at consistently throwing with anticipation and accuracy from the pocket at Oregon.

You can read our Leonard Williams scouting report here.

I was against this pick at first, but the stuff that McShay talks about with Jurrell Casey there is what has turned me around. The Titans don't have one position group that you can point to as a strength right now. Drafting Williams and pairing him with Casey would give them one of the best 3-4 fronts in the league. That is something.