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Between The Posts: Welcome Lebeau!

The Titans make a move.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

As a Titans fan, I have come to despise Dick Lebeau for crafting effective defenses in Pittsburgh for so many years. He is truly one of the geniuses of game, and his innovations in the 3-4 defense have a long-lasting legacy that has spawned league-wide replications.

But now I get to cheer for him. After relative quiet following the season's close, the Tennessee Titans are officially scheduled to announce Lebeau's enlisting with the team. The HOFer brings immediate credibility to a defense that struggled mightily in 2014 under new DC Ray Horton. Maybe reconnecting the two men will lead to great things.

It is unclear what manner Lebeau will assume as part of Ken Whisenhunt's Tennessee staff, but it suddenly feels like there's a whole lot of Steelers blood in Nashville. If it brings results, I could care less.

What are your thoughts on the addition, and how do you think the Titans will use Lebeau?