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Tennessee Titans News Links: Memories

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

I remember one time, I can't remember quite when, but the Titans signed this one offensive lineman, I can't quite remember his name. This offensive tackle, had a year or two of quality play after he was drafted, and he also had a movie made about him called something I can't quite recollect. What I do remember was how excited Gramsey was when we signed him. He was elated. Just kidding. No one thought signing Michael Oher was a good idea, and he is one of the reasons we are a lagging team in the NFL.

Dick LeBeau will reportedly join the Titan's coaching staff. This is a good thing IMO, as he is one of the best defensive minds ever. How can that possibly hurt especially when he is working with one of his chief disciples.

Paul Kuharksy thinks that Bernard Pollard was going to be a roster casualty regardless and also notes that in his time with 4 teams, this is his fourth bad breakup.

Quote of the Day: "A daydream is an invasion." -Thomas Merton