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Between The Posts: Moving Forward

Everyone needs a vacation some time, right?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In the biggest Titans-related news of the week, long-stalwart LT Michael Roos announced his retirement today. He ends his tenure with the franchise as one of the greatest ever players to wear two-toned blue, and certainly someone whose quality play and reliability many fans have taken for granted. For me, he will go down as one of the top Titans of all time.

His retirement leaves the team a starting tackle short, adding yet another need to the offseason list. But it was one most who are familiar with the team expected.

Now that we are well and truly into draft season, with the combine wrapped up, the mock drafts are flying thick and fast. The most obvious pick in past months has been for the team to take a QB at #2, but more and more draftniks are predicting the Titans to go defense with the pick, and the shortlist for candidates in that scenario certainly generate some excitement.

Personally I like a guy like Williams for the franchise. There are obviously a lot of directions a 2-win squad could legitimately go, but they'd be foolish to pass up on a rare defensive talent like that. Now that the combine has wrapped up, who do you like should the Titans go defense with the second overall selection?