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Packers to let Randall Cobb test the market; Should the Titans get involved?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jason LaCanfora reported yesterday that the Green Bay Packers are likely to let free agent wide receiver test the free agent market.  I would say it is pretty likely that he ends up somewhere other than Green Bay if he gets on the market because there will be a team that offers him a truckload of money.

Should the Titans be that team?  Kendall Wright is a very good player.  Justin Hunter has been a massive disappointment.  Nate Washington is a free agent.  They don't have anyone behind that worth mentioning here.  That means they are in desperate need of help at the position.

Should Cobb be the guy they go after?  There is no doubt he would be an upgrade over anything on the current roster, but I don't see him as being the #1 guy.  He is excellent as a compliment, like he has been to Jordy Nelson in Green Bay.  I think he would suffer if teams were rolling coverage his way.

I also think that he is pretty similar in style to Wright.  Do the Titans need 2 of those guys?  Again, I think the answer to that question is probably no.  So while Cobb would be an upgrade over anyone on the current roster, it wouldn't be wise to throw a bunch of money at him.