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Between the Posts: What's on the Dez Bryant Video

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The talk all over the internet today has been this video of Dez Bryant doing something that is apparently horrible.  If you haven't heard the story, here is a quick summary:

Some people who were once in Dez Bryant's circle apparently have this incriminating video of Bryant.  They are rumored to be shopping it to the highest bidder.  It is unclear if anyone outside of this group has seen the video, but no one that is currently talking knows what is on it.  Adam Schefter says he has known about the video since September but has not seen it.

Bryant recently switched to Roc Nation for his agency.  There is some speculation out there that his old agency was paying the people who have the video to keep quiet.  Those payments, according to this line of speculation, stopped when Bryant switched to Jay-Z's group.  See Scott Bischoff's timeline here for more information.

There is also speculation that the Cowboys have known about the video for some time and are leaking it now to help in negotiations with Bryant who is set to become a free agent next week.  Of course that is just random people saying crap, which is wrong about 99% of the time.

Now you are up to speed.  That brings us to tonight's question- What do you think is on the video?  The person who gets it right gets $1,000,000 MCM Bucks!