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Green Bay Packers Release A.J. Hawk; Should the Titans Be Interested?

Should the Titans take a flier on A.J. Hawk who was released by the Green Bay Packers today?

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

A.J. Hawk has been released by the Green Bay Packers after 9 seasons with the team.  He was the 5th pick back in the 2006 draft.  Most people don't think he ever lived up to being the 5th pick in the draft on the field, but his leadership and durability made him a value asset to the Packers.  This from the last paragraph of the above linked article on Acme Packing Company:

For his career, Hawk has played in 142 of 144 possible games, starting 136 of them. In that time, he has recorded 19.0 sacks, 9 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles, 5 fumble recoveries, and a total of 926 tackles (628 solo).
Hawk is a big name player at a position of need for the Titans (what isn't a position of need for the Titans?) so naturally people are going to want the Titans to sign him. I asked Evan of APC if Hawk has anything left in the tank. Here was his response:
His best attribute at this point is his brain - Hawk was always the guy to get the defense lined up correctly. Unfortunately, he was wholly ineffective this year and much of 2013 as well. This year could be attributed to bone spurs in his ankle that got cleaned up after the season, but coming off a rough 2013 too makes me think that he's done as a starter. He played much of this season at 225 pounds to try to maintain his speed, but that meant that there was no power to his game.

All in all, I think he'd be a decent add for someone needing veteran leadership inside and a guy who can be a third inside backer, but I'd be very uncomfortable if my team signed him expecting him to start.

That is not exactly a ringing endorsement.

The folks over at Pro Football Focus also aren't big fans of Hawk. Here is part of what they wrote after the news of Hawk's release:

PFF has been grading since 2007 and only 2012 saw him walk away with a positive grade with his work in the run game rarely impressive.
It seems like it would be wise for the Titans to pass on this one.