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NFL Draft 2015: Greg Cosell on Dante Fowler, Leonard Williams and Randy Gregory

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Greg Cosell joined the Midday 180 for his weekly spot and talked a lot about the pass rushers in this draft.  Cosell watches more film that just about anyone, and his opinions are really informed.  He seems to be in the Jommy camp on Dante Fowler.  He also isn't that impressed with Leonard Williams.  I now think Cosell is the smartest man alive.

On Williams, Cosell said that Williams is not that great in space and gets moved by double teams.  He also said that Williams isn't an explosive player.  Does that sound like a guy that is worth the #2 overall pick?

When talking about Dante Fowler, Jr. of Florida, who the Titans should absolutely take with the 2nd pick, he talked about his versatility and compared him to Justin Houston of the Chiefs.

Cosell also said that he thinks Randy Gregory is a better prospect than Jadeveon Clowney was last year.  That is pretty high praise.

People keep telling me that the Titans need to draft Williams because he is special and that there is a lot of EDGE depth in this draft.  I don't want the 6th best EDGE guy.  I want the best, and the Titans will have the chance to take him with the 2nd pick.  Why would they settle for a 3-4 DE with limited upside?

They will post the whole interview online later today.  You should really listen to it.