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Peter King NFL Mock Draft 2015: Titans take Dante Fowler, Eagles trade up for Marcus Mariota

Peter King has released his first 2015 NFL mock draft of the season...or at least the first 15 picks of the draft.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Peter King mocked the first 15 picks in the draft.  I always knew I was a big Peter King fan!  He has the Titans taking my man, Dante Fowler, Jr., from Florida with the second pick.  Here are King's comments on the pick:

Has the body type of the SteelersJason Worilds, and Fowler could be a good complement opposite Derrick Morgan to rush the passer. In his last two years at Florida, Fowler had 38 sacks/tackles for loss. I’d like to see Fowler in Dick LeBeau’s hands for a couple of years, to see how LeBeau might mold him.

I don't argue that Leonard Williams will have a bigger impact in 2015 than Fowler, but in two years Fowler could be the better player, and the Titans aren't going to be good next year anyway.

King also has the Eagles trading up to 5 to get Marcus Mariota. He speculates that the Eagles would have to trade their first and second round picks this year and their first and fourth round picks next year. That doesn't seem like enough to me to move from 20 to 5.

The Redskins currently hold the 5th pick, so they would get back some of the picks they gave up to get RG3 a few years ago.