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2015 NFL Scouting Combine: Stock Up, Stock Down (Offense)

Who won and lost at the Combine on offense?

DeVante Parker. Do Want. He can bring the cool helmet too.
DeVante Parker. Do Want. He can bring the cool helmet too.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another edition of the Draft and the Furious mailbag! Last week, we took a look at the defensive ends in the 2015 class, which you can find here. As previously stated, this post is where I can take questions via the comments section or you can hit me up on the Twitter (@DuckinNoles247). In lieu of the traditional weekly rankings, I'll be going over the "winners" and "losers" of the recently completed Combine.

Stock UP


1. Jameis Winston 6'4 231 RS Sophomore Florida State

- Yes, Winston ran a slower than expected 40 in a scintillating 4.97. On the field, he showed off to everyone that he is capable of making all the big league throws. It's obvious that he comes from a pro style system as he threw BEFORE the receiver even made the turn on the route. Off the field, the medical showed that he had a shoulder injury that needs non-surgical treatment. Reports indicate that the injury is common in baseball players (which he played at FSU). Also reports indicate that he blew everyone away in the interviews and has scouts comparing his football IQ to one Peyton Manning.

2. Marcus Mariota 6'4 222 RS Junior Oregon

- Mariota came as advertised in both on field and off field departments. He blew away the QB field in the 40, running a 4.52, which is as expected. What I did not like is that he threw a hair after the receiver broke the route. This will result in a lot of incompletions if not picks.

3. Bryce Petty 6'3 230 RS Senior Baylor

- Petty recovered from a disastrous showing in the Senior Bowl with a nice effort in Indy. He shows that he is a natural thrower of the ball. Yet with this comes with the fact that he needs to be coached out of the Baylor one read and go system.


1. David Johnson 6'1 224 RS Senior Northern Iowa

- Johnson continued his impressive draft process run in Indy. Had a great week in Mobile. He's a bigger back that ran a surprising 4.5 flat in the 40. He also proved as a capable receiver out of the backfield. Also put up 25 reps on the bench press.

2. Jeremy Langford 6'0 208 RS Senior Michigan State

- He put up a 4.43 40. Yeah about that plodding Big Ten stigma? He turned that on its head. I still don't like the workload he received at MSU but he's very talented as a receiver out of the backfield.

3. Karlos Williams 6'1 230 Senior Florida State

- Williams bounced back nicely after a horrific 2014 season that resulted in injury and losing his starting job to freshman sensation Dalvin Cook. He ran a 4.48 official 40. Looked like a fluid athlete catching the ball as well. He could be better off transitioning to receiver due to his size. His physicality as such reminds me of fellow Nole Anquan Boldin.

4. Melvin Gordon 6'1 215 Wisconsin

- Gordon was the best back on the field. He has pretty good hands and showed a good amount of fluid movement skills. There were no wasted motions with him. Gordon also knows how to make himself a low profile target for defenders despite being 6'1.


All of the big names. No seriously, all of them were impressive as advertised. It was like what you can do, I can do better. Whatever debate there was for the first receiver taken, West Virginia's Kevin White just might have ended it. Also, let the Megatron comparisons begin for GT's Darren Waller. He ran a 4.46 40. At 6'6 240. If he gets "it" like Demaryius Thomas instead of Stephen Hill, wow.


1. Ali Marpet 6'4 307 Hobart (Illinois) Guard

- The Division III prospect continued his excellent offseason tour by showing out in Indy. Marpet has shown a lot of good things including quick feet and a surprising amount of strength as well. AM is very quick on the pull block and transitions his feet almost immediately.

2. DJ Humphries 6'5 307 Florida Tackle

- I, along with many people thought that Humphries made a rather mind boggling decision to skip his senior season but he's made the most of it and jumped up the boards. He's had a rather extensive medical history but showed no ill effects in the field drills. A surprisingly quick footed athlete with good hips.

3. Cam Erving 6'5 313 Florida State Tackle/Center

- Erving worked at center and looked like he has played the position his entire life. He has a solid body and can fire off the ball with very little wasted motion i.e. get into blocking stance after the snap. Erving is a little bigger than your average center but it works to his advantage with his long arms.

4. La'el Collins 6'4 305 LSU Tackle

- He showed why he's the best tackle in country.

Stock Down


1. Blake Sims 5'11 218 Alabama

- Sims continued his horrendous offseason tour with a lackluster showing in Indy. Russell Wilson he is not. Even Auburn's Nick Marshall did better than Sims and Marshall was throwing for fun since he's converting to cornerback.

2. Garrett Grayson 6'2 213 Colorado State

- Did not participate due to injury. He gets a stock down because all the other QBs threw for the most part. His Pro Day is critical now.


1. TJ Yeldon 6'1 226 Alabama

- Yeldon needed a positive Combine to offset his below average 2014 and failed to do so. He ran 4.61 in the 40. Yeldon looked really sluggish in the drills. Those Mark Ingram 2.0 comps aren't going away.

2. Dee Hart 5'7 199 Colorado State

- Not much was expected of Hart and he delivered just that. A 4.8 40 doesn't help when he has off field baggage. If you fielded a D-1 program, Hart played for it or tried to. Washed out at Alabama, couldn't handle it in Michigan before finally settling on CSU.

3. Matt Jones 6'2 231 Florida

- Why did this guy go pro? He of the now legendary one start (because of an on field "accident"), did not do well. Ran a 4.61 40. I hope he brought a change of pants this time.


1. Ty Montgomery 6'0 221 Stanford

- Montgomery continued his bad Senior Bowl form by performing poorly in the field drills. Dropped more balls than a juggler playing dodgeball.

2. Devin Funchess 6'4 232 Michigan

- If Funchess was trying to convince everyone that he isn't a tight end, he failed miserably at it. He ran 4.7 in the 40. A TE pure and simple.


1. Josue Matias 6'5 309 Florida State

- He ran the same 40 time (5.52) as fellow Nole Tre Jackson despite being 20 pounds lighter. Looked stiff and immobile in the drills.

2. TJ Clemmings 6'5 309 Pittsburgh

- Continued on his poor run of form at the Senior Bowl. He's a raw prospect that needs to work on his agility and maintaining proper blocking form to the end of the play. Never really got the hype about him.

Additional notes

- Found it interesting that UGA RB Todd Gurley refused to let team doctors look at his knee on the orders of the most hated combination of words in sports, Dr. James Andrews.

- Did I mention how crazy loaded this receiver class is?

- It's great that most of the QB class decided to throw