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Jim Wyatt's poll is revealing for second pick options

Wyatt examines the answers of big names on what the Titans should do.

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Jim Wyatt (as always) deserves kudos for getting this piece together. With the NFL combine in full swing and all of the attention on what will happen with the second overall pick, considering that they think Jameis Winston to Tampa Bay is a lock.

There are no limit to the options the Tennessee Titans have in this draft now that Marcus Mariota and Leonard Williams are both blowing up the combine, not to mention edge rushers like Vic Beasley and Dante Fowler having impressive outings. However, despite all of the options, it all seems to boil down to three things in Wyatt's piece.

1. Draft a quarterback

Four separate sources said that they would be all in on whatever quarterback fell to number two. Winston is the consensus number one unless something happens off the field between now and the draft, but Mariota is no slouch. Mariota's athletic ability is up there with (and even surpassing) a lot of the very good athletic quarterbacks in the NFL today. Not only that, but good meetings and exceptional displays of touch have reassured some skeptics that his talent was not all scheme-based.

2. Draft Leonard Williams

The leading choice among those asked with five votes was to draft Williams the exceptional DL from USC. The Titans are obviously very interested in Williams and are hopefully trying to get him to stop thinking about silver and black, and start thinking about two-toned blue.

Williams is a hulk on the defensive line that can be a matchup nightmare playing anywhere you ask. As a pass rusher he flusters offensive linemen with his strength and length, and as a run defender he always seems to take up multiple blockers or make a big play.

Also, have I mentioned he is still just a kid? Williams is just 20 years old and already plan to model his game after J.J. Watt. If he can push with that sort of work ethic, it would be a shame if the Titans repeated their mistakes and passed on him.

3. Trade

One lone vote was to go outside the box and take Dante Fowler, but two said that they would have to at least strongly consider trading the pick.

With so many people needing a quarterback in a draft that really only has two quality prospects, it is not inconceivable that the Titans could get an RG3 type deal here. In fact, in this quarterback class there are even less options that when the Redskins traded up to get the Baylor star, thing about it. That draft had Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson, and Nick Foles all of whom have at one point in their careers at least looked like quality players.

If the Titans can net a trade down to number six with the Jets, and a first round pick for each of the next two years (in addition to possibly an extra second this year) then they have to do it right? Does anyone here think that Mariota, Williams or any other prospect (that will be drafted in the four picks they would have to move down) is worth that much? I don't and I am a big Mariota fan.

Again, please read the piece by Wyatt, he not only lists the names of the sources (who you will want to see), but he also gives their in depth responses.