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2015 NFL Combine Friday Schedule

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

If you like watching fat guys run the 40, then today is your day.  The offensive lineman will be on the field later today running their 40s, doing the 3-cone drill, etc.  Then they will be done in Indianapolis.  The Titans will be paying close attention to this group today because they will be drafting at least one offensive tackle in this draft.

The QS, WRs, and RBs will do their bench press workout today.  They will also be doing interviews.  You can bet that the Titans will talk to both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota before the day is over.  I would really like to be a fly on the wall for Winston's interviews.  He has a lot to prove during that process.

The defensive lineman and linebackers, who the Titans will also be very interested in, will be weighing in today and doing press conferences.

You can use this as an open thread to discuss anything that comes up today during these interviews and/or workouts.