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Tennessee Titans News Links: No Comparison

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Two really good teams just played in the Super Bowl. One of them has one of the best Quarterbacks of all time and the best coach of all time at the helm and the other has one of the best defenses in NFL history and one of the best QBs in the league (and now has played in the Super Bowl 66% of his seasons as a pro QB). Watching them, I couldn't help but continually think how far away the Titans are from being a contender. Its depressing as some of those Super Bowl ads really, and I don't think we will get any better in year two in the reign of the great and powerful Whiz. But we can dream that one day we'll get there, and we can hope that this year we see guys like Mettenberger, Hunter, Wright, and Williamson make some steps forward so that we can have a good team preferably in the near future.

The Titans fired Lake Dawson in a move that really doesn't bother me too much. The front office has done a terrible job in getting FAs, and he was a part of that process. Plus this takes away a fall guy from Webster should we suck again.

Quote of the Day: "Be sincere; be brief; be seated." -FDR