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Between The Posts: Free Agent Fits?

Recent links to Tennessee may or may not be good matches.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports's Elliot Harrison has both Mark Ingram and Justin Forsett as good matches for the Tennessee Titans in free agency. Should the team choose to reconstruct their stable of running backs, pairing Bishop Sankey (and possibly Antonio Andrews) with one of those guys might not be a bad idea.

There is no doubt that the Titans struggled to get explosive plays from the backfield, and while the relative consistency was a welcome relief following the decline of CJ a couple years back now, there was plenty left to be desired. Consistently below average is still below average. Retooling the offensive line with an NFL quality RT and possible upgrading LG would likely do wonders, but who would you pair with Sankey this offseason, if nabbing a RB was on your agenda?