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Tennessee Titans News Links: Mixed Signals

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are into draft season writes Paul Kuharsky, one day giving the impression that they are rolling with Mett and the next they are giving the impression that they are taking a QB. I didn't actually think they gave an impression one way or another yesterday, just thought they were truthful and vague at the same time.

Here is Ruston Webster's transcript from yesterday at the combine.

Whisenhunt's transcript from yesterday at the combine.

Basing my opinion off of what they have said in totality and based off of a hunch, I think we take either Winston or Williams. Come draft day I don't think we trade the pick away, but instead draft one of those two guys.

Whisenhunt says that the Titans are very grateful to have LeBeau on the coaching staff.

The Titans will get a perception of Winston and Mariota themselves and not rely on the media's perception of them. Both are incredibly talented QBs, one of them has well documented poor decision making off the field. For some reason I can't see "pull that cold pole out your bosom" and Whiz (the guy who made Mett shave his mustache) gelling too well, but his on field talent and fit with Whiz could outweigh that.

Quote of the Day: "Big Brother is watching you." -George Orwell