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Between The Posts: Smoke and Mirrors

Don't read too much into combine-week press conferences.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There was a lot said by various GM's and coaches across the NFL spectrum today at the combine, and at the same time, nothing said at all. This time of year is precisely the time that no teams want to play it's hand, especially those within the top 10 selections on draft day.

As for the Titans, the entire sports world seems convinced they take Mariota or Winston at No.2. I am less convinced. You can make a case for and against that idea, but to assume that because of what a few team officials stated at a combine press conference that it is a forgone conclusion would be a big mistake.

In the end, it all boils down to how the team truly feels about Zach Mettenberger. Not about how they address him and the rest of the team with offseason coach-speak. They know him better than anyone, after all. Taking at QB at spot #2 changes everything again in Tennessee, and make no mistake, it's a possibility. But in the end that's all it is; a possibility, not a sure thing.

Regardless of what you want the team to do, what do you think they will do on draft day? I'm guessing more than a few answers will be non-QB-related.