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Between The Posts: Too Soon To Judge

How did the AFC South GM's do in 2014?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For those interested,'s Bucky Brooks evaluated the AFC South's 2014 draft classes, giving the Titans a C. I agree with his logic, but he made the cardinal sin of calling Michael Oher a "quality starter" and failed to mention the contribution from late-round pick Avery Williamson. I though, aside from DaQuan Jones' lack of snaps in 2014, it had the signs of a pretty solid class, probably better than a "C".

The rest of the division drafted pretty poorly, except for the Jaguars, who seem to have found a lot of starting talent. That said, it's tough (and risky) to pass judgment on a draft class after only one year. As far as the Titans are concerned, Zach Mettenberger's play down the road has the potential to swing this grade to an A+.

Tennessee needs a lot of help at a lot of positions, especially on defense. Hopefully Webster can knock it out of the park this Summer.