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Why Tennessee Titans fans should be excited about Leonard Williams

A comparison that should excite fans.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people have been hearing about Leonard Williams falling to the Tennessee Titans with the second overall pick. For those that want the Titans to bring in another quarterback, this is a disappointment. Williams isn't a player that was a 10-plus sack type of guy, but neither was the guy that many are comparing him too. Despite this, Richard Seymour is still considered a lock to be Hall of Famer.

With Matt Williamson, Josh Norris and many more talking about how much like Richard Seymour, Leonard Williams is. This is what Norris had to say about Williams in his recent ranking post.

"Where He Wins: Amazing how often he wins despite putting himself one step behind. Just tremendous hands and length use to win with power and strength. Will likely fill a versatile J.J. Watt type role. Single handedly obliterated the Cal offensive line."

If anyone can appreciate how dominant J.J. Watt has been in the NFL, it is the Tennessee Titans.

Now, neither Norris or I is saying that he will be Watt 2.0, but he is very effective no matter where he lines up. If the Titans want to show a 4-3 defense, then he can move inside and play DT next to Casey. However, for the time being he will be an outstanding fit in a 3-4 defense.

Here is what Terry Lambert said about Williams in his summary (which can be found in full here):

Leonard Williams is my number one overall player.  He will be an impact defender in the NFL from the day he gets drafted.  His size, athletic ability and strength give him one of the highest floors of anyone in this class.  His best fit is probably in a 3-4 defensive front at the five-tech defensive end position, but his ability to play in multiple fronts just makes him that much more valuable.  I would be very surprised if Williams made it past the Titans or Jaguars come draft day.

So while he may not be the savior quarterback that everyone wants, he is an impact player that could be dominant in this league. The Titans are in no position to ignore potential blue-chippers to roll the dice on a quarterback. While I still think Marcus Mariota is a very good quarterback, no one could be (or should be) skeptical of the Titans taking the safest pick in the draft with their top pick.