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NFL free agency: Tennessee Titans shouldn't count on Justin Houston

One key free agent is likely off the market.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans need help at the edge this season, and the player that can best plug that hole (in either the draft or free agency) is Justin Houston. A recent report by PFF confirms what most thought would happen there: Houston is unlikely to leave.

"Per a league source, the Chiefs and Houston’s agent, Joel Segal, will make another attempt early in the week at making progress on a long-term deal.  The Chiefs are expected to apply the franchise tag to Houston, who racked up 22 sacks in 2014, absent an agreement.

Houston had been expected to sign the franchise tender immediately."

Houston is far from the only option in free agency, but with all the money that the Titans have and opportunity to work with Dick LeBeau, the Titans may have had a chance to grab a blue-chip free agent.

This resigning does bring up the question, how will they fit this in their cap space? Paying Houston in the around $15 million will put them in a terrible position considering they are already projected to be over the cap. Will they cut Tamba Hali since they are giving an edge rusher so much money? Will they cut Dwayne Bowe and deplete an already terrible receiver group? Smaller players like Mike Devito and Sean Smith would be very attractive to the Titans, and both would likely be the first guys out based on their cap numbers.