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NFL free agency: Running backs should be easy to find for Tennessee Titans

A deep free agent running back class could help the Titans.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It was no secret last year that the Titans running game was one of the worst in the league. Despite some flashes from Bishop Sankey, the Titans never really committed to one running back, and never rode the hot hand. It seemed like a confused mess that no one could figure out.

However, this offseason provides the Titans a chance to reshuffle and get the running backs they want. Hopefully (for the Titans cap room) this involves the release of Shonn Greene.

Top tier backs

While Minnesota is staying pretty firm that they aren't willing to move away from Adrian Peterson, they would gain $13 million instantly from letting the maligned running back go. Adrian Peterson still has a lot of good years left in the tank, but after major knee surgery, a 2,000 yard season and being the workhorse for the Vikings for most of a decade, a new coaching staff may feel ready to cut ties with a non-QB that is that expensive.

Demarco Murray's name has been thrown around a lot in talks about the Titans running back problem and I think he makes sense. Murray is a bell-cow back that has been great when healthy. With a heavy rotation in Tennessee, I think he could provide some juice to the offense but an injury wouldn't send the offense into complete disarray.

Very good rotational guys

While this class is insanely deep here, there are two names that really stood out: Justin Forsett and Shane Vereen

Forsett had a career year in Baltimore in their zone read/play action offense, and I think that ultimately that is the offense that suits Mettenberger the best. Forsett is a talented runner, but his inconsistent past should make him cheaper than the top guys.

Vereen is a special receiver out of the backfield and he provides what Whisenhunt wanted from Dexter McCluster. With Vereen as a proven veteran that can come in on any snap and in any situation, the only question is how many snaps do you give this guy after a 600 snap season the year before.

Surprise candidate

This one is easy for me: Mark Ingram.

I was on the Mark Ingram train last year and saw some of what he showed last year. For those that didn't want the Saints (which is completely understandable) Ingram was a wrecking ball that defenders bounced off of for the first half of the season. An injury pulled him out of the spotlight in the middle of the year, and people are forgetting just what kind of player he showed he could be.

If the Titan like Bishop Sankey (which they should) then bringing in a hammer like Ingram with little wear and tear would be a smart move.