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Tennessee Titans News Links: Show Me The Money

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Do the Titans have cap space to make some moves this offseason? YES. TONS. The Titans have the 5th most cap-space of any team in the NFL and this is before some inevitable moves that they will make regarding players that currently make way more money than they deserve.

Paul Kuharksy talks about how the Titans grade a prospect and end up selecting them on draft day. Could be a very interesting draft day should the Titans trade down.

Which free agents does Paul Kuharsky say the Titans should avoid? Well, he says Greg Hardy, Julius Thomas, Brandon Graham, and Jerry Hughes. While I agree that Hardy (for off field and on field concerns) should not be signed by the Titans, I do think that the other three would be valuable members of this team.

Should the Titans select Kevin White with the #2 pick? Joe Fann wonders.

Quote of the Day: "Democracy passes into despotism." -Plato