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Mike Mayock 2015 NFL Draft Position Rankings

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Mike Mayock isn't big on doing mock drafts, but he does release his top 5 players in the draft at every position each year.  He will update it at least once between now and the draft.  Here are some comments on his first rankings:

At quarterback he has Jameis Winston first.  That is no big surprise.  The surprise is that he has Bryce Petty third, ahead of Brett Hundley.  Most people have Hundley as the third quarterback in this draft right now.

At running back he goes Melvin Gordon 1 and Todd Gurley 2.  That has to be based on the fact that Gurley isn't 100% healthy.  Gordon is a very good back, probably better than anyone in last year's class, but Gurley is one of those special players that can change an offense.

He has Kevin White ahead of Amari Cooper at receiver.  I don't think Cooper is a top 5 pick, but he is better than White and will have a better NFL career.  Book it!

The only interesting note on defense is that he has Dante Fowler, Jr. ahead of Randy Gregory in the EDGE category.  There are some mocks that have Gregory going as high as #2 to the Titans.  I have not seen Fowler anywhere close to that high.

It will be interesting to see  how Mayock's rankings change after the combine.   They really shouldn't change that much if these are based on watching film, but you will probably see some shuffling.