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Between The Posts: Roster Renovation

Who must go, and who can the Titans afford to keep around for at least another year?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans obviously have a lot of work to do this Summer. What's also obvious is that the squad has more holes than it can likely fill in one off-season, which brings to the surface the question of severity. Which positions absolutely must be remedied now, and which can wait till later, even though the team would rather not?

For fans who endured the horrors of the 2014 season, the answer to that question can, and likely will be, extremely varied. You can make solid arguments across the board as well. For me, outside linebacker and a true NT are the biggest areas of concern going into next year. ILB, CB, WR, and RT/LG also concern me a lot, but it is tough to find a couple of quality starters between FA and the draft already, let alone revamping the starting spot for half the squad.

What positions have to be changed now, and which can wait?