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2015 NFL Draft: The NolesBag 1.0

It's back for another year!

Future Tennessee Titan?
Future Tennessee Titan?
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the 2015 edition of the weekly draft mailbag! Each week I'll provide a top 5 position by position ranking based on a number of factors, including the offseason process. This week, we'll be taking a look at the Quarterbacks and the relatively endless possibilities of where they could go (hey there's only 250 or so choices so work with me a little bit). Questions/comments/suggestions about other positions are also welcome.

*Editor's note* - 5K MCM Bucks and my eternal gratitude will go to the winner of the name this mailbag contest. SouthTexasTitan won last year with "The Great Draftsby". Can you top that this year? Leave a couple ideas in the comments and you could be the winner!

Onto the rankings....

1. Jameis Winston RS Sophomore 6'4 232 Florida State

- Yes, the off field issues are many and have been well chronicled so I won't get into them here. Based on the on field product, Winston is the most polished passer in the class. He also comes from a pro style system under HC Jimbo Fisher, who has a history of putting QBs in the NFL, dating back his days at LSU under Nick Saban. Winston can make all the big league throws and fits them into tight windows. He won't win you many track meets but is a good enough athlete to avoid the pressure and step up in the pocket like a Big Ben to deliver throws on point even with the defenders draped all over him. Mechanically, something is off like a small hitch in his motion, it may be due to his throwing motion for baseball. Nothing that coaching can't fix, however. Round Projection: Top 5

2. Marcus Mariota RS Junior 6'4 215 Oregon

- Although the system questions for Mariota aren't as severe as the QBs in Oregon's past, they still remain. He has above average arm strength and accuracy is off the charts. Intangibles and character are unquestioned unlike Winston. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner. He has awesome athleticism and frequently blows by opposing defenders. I'd love to have him but the system questions are a bit much along with Whisenhunt's system doesn't really fit his talents. Round Projection: Top 10

3. Garrett Grayson RS Senior 6'2 215 Colorado State

- The 2015 version of Zach Mettenberger. Grayson has a live arm but needed an offensive "guru" to calm his game down some. Enter Jim McElwain and his pro style system. McElwain previously served under Nick Saban at Alabama as the OC until he took the CSU job. He's currently the HC for Florida. Grayson had a good week at the Senior Bowl, showing his improvement under McElwain wasn't a fluke. If I had a comp for him, I'd compare his game to Aaron Rodgers. Round Projection: 2-3

4. Brett Hundley RS Junior 6'3 227 UCLA

- Hundley is an interesting prospect to watch in that you never knew what would happen on any given play. What frustrates me when evaluating him is that his OL is beyond atrocious. He has above average arm strength and a decent amount of athleticism like Winston, he's not winning many races. I fear for Hundley's NFL prospects as I think he's been too traumatized by an disgustingly abhorrent OL to do anything at the next level. When I see him, I see Blaine Gabbert. Round Projection: 3-4

5. Sean Mannion RS Senior 6'6 229 Oregon State

- I see a lot of Mike Glennon in Mannion's game. Both aren't going to wow you physically and possess just average arm talent. Mannion struggled a bit in 2014 without top target Brandin Cooks being a Saint. The one thing he does have going for him is that he's tall and can see over the pocket. He needs an NFL S&C program badly. Round Projection: 4-5