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Super Bowl free agent watch: New England Patriots

Who to watch for the Patriots.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans (and every other team) will be watching the Super Bowl tonight with the question, "Who is going to show up big on the big stage?" These are the top free agents to be for the New England Patriots.

Devin McCourty S

I have beaten the McCourty horse to death at this point. You know him. I want him. He would instantly make this defense much more dangerous because of the blanket coverage he provides in single-high safety looks.

Stephen Gostkowski K

It is weird to have the kicker close to the top of this list, but Gostkowski is one of the best in the NFL and the Titans currently have no kickers on the roster.

Shane Vereen RB

The Patriots have two running backs set to his free agent and Vereen gets the nod because he is so versatile. While Demarco Murray is clearly the top running back set to hit free agency, Vereen is very attractive to a committee backfield like the one in Tennessee. I think Bishop Sankey has what it takes to be a good running back if they don't pull him out as soon as he is getting hot, but Vereen would be an excellent compliment.