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Watch: Marcus Mariota Wins With his Eyes

Marcus really gets it.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

While re-watching the Titans-Jaguars game I stumbled onto this gem of a play.  It was a redzone play to Delanie Walker that looked like a usual ho-hum Mariota touchdown pass -- but it was so much more.

Here's the view from behind the play.

The key here is eye manipulation.  Mariota knows that Delanie is going to have inside leverage, but Telvin Smith is in the way.  So what does he do?  He moves his eyes.  Mariota finds Sankey with his eyes, causing Smith to follow.  When Smith breaks, Marcus strikes.

If you watch closely, it almost looks like a no-look pass.  This is really a testament to the trust that Mariota has in Delanie Walker.  He knows this offense in and out, which is mind-blowing for a rookie quarterback that was thrown into the fire.  This is just more evidence that Marcus Mariota is on his way to being a top flight quarterback in the NFL.  He truly does get it.