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Jon Bon Jovi not interested in buying the Titans

Come at me, Jason!
Come at me, Jason!
Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

Yesterday we talked about a report from Jason La Canfora that Jon Bon Jovi was interested in buying the Titans.  La Canfora is going to keep beating this drum until the team is actually sold.  That way he will be able to say that he is right (even though any of us could speculate just like he as and eventually hit the right thing).  Time is running out on La Canfora's first prediction that the team would be sold before the end of 2015.

Jon Bon Jovi posted this on Twitter earlier today:

It looks like another swing and a miss for La Canfora.  At this point it is fair to start calling La Canfora the Rob Deer of reports about the Tennessee Titans.