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Latest Tennessee Titans head coaching tidbits

Some things heard throughout the week.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have a win today, moving them out of the number one overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. While I think the Titans will want that at the end of the year to entice potential head coaches, there was something even more enacting than draft picks out there today: Marcus Mariota.

Yes, Mariota was amazing today and even set records being the first person in NFL history regardless of age to have 250+ passing yards, 100+ rushing yards and 3 TDs in a game. That leads perfectly into something Jason La Canfora said today regarding the future of the Titans head coaching position.

-On, La Canfora said that this could be the year that Josh McDaniels is ready to be a head coach again.

"Should a team have an organizational approach, structure and plan for winning that appeals to him, some close to McDaniels believe he would strongly consider a position. The fact that some teams that will make changes already have potential franchise quarterbacks in place (like Tennessee, where an interim coach is already in place, and Indianapolis, where Chuck Pagano has been coaching for his job since Week 1) could make this a year in which McDaniels does in fact leave New England"

On air, he actually specifically name dropped Marcus Mariota as a player that he believes McDaniels would be excited to work with.

-Chip Kelly likely to stay in Philadelphia. Again La Canfora is reporting that Chip Kelly is expected to stay with the franchise from top to bottom.

"Despite months of rumors and speculation, Chip Kelly is likely to be back with the Eagles next season, according to team and league sources, and ownership has no plans to move on from him. If Kelly were to depart -- and college does have a certain allure to him, though it would have to be the perfect situation -- it would come as a surprise at this point. The coach reiterated his dedication to his players last week and owner Jeffrey Lurie is still a strong proponent of Kelly."

This is great news to Titans fans who by all accounts really don't want him to be the next head coach. If he could just bring his schemes that would be great, but he has shown that he wants complete control and rarely does that work out. Only Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells come to mind as coaches who have also done a great job "getting their own groceries."

Right now, I would say that Hue Jackson and Josh McDaniels are the Titans best options at head coach, as long as they are paired with a smart GM. Their schemes and production speaks for themselves, so if the Titans could land either it sounds like a really smart hire on paper.