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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: defense

How to fix the mess today.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans just won maybe one of the wildest games I have seen in a long time. The defenses were almost non-existant and the offenses were seemingly operating in 5th gear. It was a great day on many levels for the Titans, and it is clearer now than ever that the Titans have their franchise QB.

With the mess on defense today, here is a small change I would make to fix the hole.

Play Cody Riggs

So for some reason the Tennessee Titans seem to have forgotten all about their second best cornerback. Let's look at the CBs who are getting to play instead of Riggs:

Perrish Cox: Maybe the only real play maker in the back seven, Cox has been very good this year. It hurts him that he can't really move around and shadow receivers or else this wouldn't be such a blatant concern with this defense.

Jason McCourty: I love Jason McCourty, but you could tell he was struggling to get into a groove before he was finally sent to I.R.I think he is a clear starter when healthy, but I don't think you can say he was playing better than Riggs this year.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson: I was wrong about BWW. I thought when he came in he had the height, speed and coverage skills to develop into a competent corner. However, every time I see him in coverage, even when he is stuck on the guy his lack of ball awareness just kills this defense. He is constantly the victim and never comes up with the big plays to make up for his terrible mistakes in coverage.

B.W. Webb: Webb is a street free agent who has been decent, and is probably better than Wreh-Wilson right now. He is a decent depth player, but you can't depend on him in a crisis.

Coty Sensabaugh: Sensabaugh is not the issue on this defense. If you put him in the nickel where he is supposed to be then you will be alright. However, if you put him on the outside he just doesn't have the ability to play there.

However according to PFF, Riggs is not only better than most of these players he is the best corner the Titans have. Now I don't think he is better than Cox, but I think he has a strong case at being the team's second best corner.

So, maybe next week the Titans should activate him and leave Blidi Wreh-Wilson as a healthy scratch. Honestly, I don't think there is an argument to be made with this move, so just do it and see what you have in the young player.