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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: offense

What can make this offense better.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans just won maybe one of the wildest games I have seen in a long time. The defenses were almost non-existant and the offenses were seemingly operating in 5th gear. It was a great day on many levels for the Titans, and it is clearer now than ever that the Titans have their franchise QB.

So, after putting up 42 points, what would I change about the Titans offense?

More Fowler, less Supernaw

I understand that the Tennessee Titans love to use their TEs as much as possible, and for good reason. The top three TEs are maybe the best three-deep tandem in the league. Delanie Walker is an absolute stud who deserves more recognition. Anthony Fasano has found new life with Marcus Mariota as a pass catcher. Craig Stevens is a very good blocker, and has been decently productive as a receiver based on how many snaps he has played.

However, the main reason they are used so much is to help an offensive line who has struggled all season to keep Mariota upright. However I think there is a better way to their franchise QB. The Titans should use Jalston Fowler more as a lead blocker and receiving fullback.

We all know that Fowler was a fourth round pick and when you are arguing against Ruston Webster that is one of the first things you point out. But, despite playing just 109 snaps, he is the second highest rated FB in the league according to PFF.

Not only does Fowler give you a good option as a blocker in max protect situations, but he is also a pretty solid runner and receiver for a fullback. If the Titans are committed to more play-action bootleg plays like they did today, having a fullback to fill the flats and a tight end (Delanie Walker) on the post makes it so much easier.

After today people are going to respect Marcus Mariota as a runner and the Titans need to take advantage of that. If teams are afraid of him booting the ball and running then a versatile player like Fowler can have a nice niche in this offense.

The cost of this is that someone needs to lose snaps, so i propose that any time the Titans think about putting Supernaw in, they just laugh and remember that they have Fowler. Fowler isn't going to kill your drive with penalties and he just gives you more.