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Player to watch on offense: vs Jacksonville Jaguars

The Titans need him to step up.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have spent a large part of the year without any quality weapons to throw to. Honestly, when Kendall Wright and Harry Douglas were missing, there was no one proven at the wide receiver spot.

As the weeks have piled on, it seems like even when they are both in the game they aren't making an impact, give or take an amazing catch by Harry Douglas last week.

That is why the player who has to step up today is Kendall Wright.

The Titans have a ton of confidence in Wright, and I can see why. At times, he has been a great player underneath and he has been a deceptively good redzone and 3rd down target. However, he gets lost in the mix for large chunks of the game. Whether this is because he isn't running his routes, the coaches aren't scheming him open or he just isn't winning his matchup, he has to break away from that pattern today.

Two weeks ago Wright was still injured and missed his shot against the 25th ranked passing defense in the league. Now, he will have a chance to play at full health after being worked back in last week.

I don't know if I expect Wright to have a big game, but I definitely think that at least him being in the lineup will help Marcus Mariota. Whether that means bigger holes to run through when no one is open, an easy target to hit on third downs, or less coverage for his tight ends, there should at least be some impact.

If Wright really is as good as every Titans fan has said these past few years, then this is a big game for him. There is no reason not to have a good game, and if you are going to complain about touches in the beginning of the year, you have to be productive or you won't be taken seriously in the future.