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Julius Thomas and Blake Bortles are finally developing chemistry for the Jaguars

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Ryan Day of Big Cat Country was nice enough to answer 5 questions about his Jacksonville Jaguars for us heading into today's game.

1. Tough loss to the Chargers last week.  Did that end the playoff hopes for the Jags?

Sadly, yes. While I think 9-7 certainly wins the AFC South (heck, I think 8-8 would do it) I don't think the Jaguars have it in them to win five straight. They don't have a strong enough coaching staff to prepare them and keep them mentally ready for five weeks in a row.

There's not a game remaining I think the Jaguars should automatically lose (like their matchup against the Patriots in Week 3) but this coaching staff doesn't have what it takes to keep the team stable.

2. Why do the Jaguars refuse to use T.J. Yeldon in the red zone (asking for a friend that had him on FanDuel last week)?

Because Jaguars? I honestly don't know. We wrote about that very problem this week. Jaguars offensive coordinator Greg Olson went away from Yeldon after a lot of success on the opening drive.

We don't get it. It seems like such a simple fix to a lot of problems -- feed Yeldon -- but for some reason or another Olson isn't doing it.

3. It seems that Julius Thomas has been coming on the last couple of weeks.  Has he finally developed chemistry with Blake Bortles?

I think so. He had his biggest game of the year last week against the Chargers and showed up on one of the biggest plays of the game -- a 4th-and-7 touchdown.

The chemistry thing was always going to take a while. This was a player who had only known Peyton Manning his whole NFL career signing with a quarterback who in many ways is the opposite of Manning -- young, mobile, athletic, prone to make mental mistakes.

I think the final five games will go a long way towards showing what kind of player we have in Thomas for the next few years of Bortles' career.

4. How does the offense look different if Allen Hurns isn't able to play?

With Hurns out, the offense is going to lose some of its luster. Bryan Walters also didn't practice all week and is officially listed as questionable.

That means our receivers will be Allen Robinson, Marqise Lee, Rashad Greene, Rashard Lewis, and Julius Thomas. That's very top-heavy. It will be a close game because of it and if we lose, it will be a talking point on Monday.

5. Write the headline in Monday's Tennessean.

Jaguars Sweep Titans For First Time Since 2005.

Thanks to Ryan for taking the time to answer my questions!