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Tennessee Titans News Links: True Leader

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Delanie Walker was mic'd up for Sunday's loss against Oakland. A couple things about this video. One is that I love that they call Craig Stevens, Cat. The second is that I love how fired up Delanie gets, how he's jawing and talking to everyone. He has been everything we've hoped for as a FA signing, and hopefully we can do something next year to convince him to stay when his contract expires.

Last Titans home win was against the Jags last year at home. Well, that rematch will take place on Sunday. Hopefully we can buck our losing trend and win for the first time in over a year at home.

Marcus Mariota is elite in the redzone. We knew that from his college film, and currently he is the best in the NFL by passer rating in the redzone. Very impressive stuff from the very impressive rookie. I cannot wait til we get some coaches and players that will help maximize Marcus' potential.