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Tennessee Titans News Links: Goodbye MCM

The last daily serving of Titan linkage from yours truly.

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Goodbye MCM. Effective tomorrow, January 1st, 2016, I will no longer be providing you daily linkage on Music City Miracles, a community I have grown to love, and a community that is a central part of my Titan fandom. MCM's editor, Jommy Morris finally had enough of a Star Wars loving, LSU and Saint Louis Cardinals fan as a contributor on this site, so he is dishonorably discharging me.

I cannot thank you all enough, for being supportive of my babblings for the last 4 years, or however long it has been. I would like to give Jimmy Morris thanks for giving me opportunity to be a part of such a great community for so long, despite me giving him trouble on a very consistent basis. I really can't say much more than thank you to every one of you. Thank you for taking time and reading and commenting on my posts, thank you for interacting with me and the other writers of this site. I plan on still being here, in the comments, and I know the site is in very capable hands.

So for now, so long MCM it has been a fun, rewarding ride. Now, for the last time from me, here are the links for your Tennessee Titans:

Marcus has been awesome for the Titans in his rookie year. Jim Wyatt takes a look inside the rookie's numbers.

Jason Wolf looks at Chip Kelly and 4 other coaches he thinks the Titans should take a look at.

Mett will face the Colts in the season finale with the #1 pick in the balance.

PK says that the Titans should be in self preservation mode in the last game of the year. The new coach will be watching the tape at some point, so any chance to look good is a plus.

Quote of the Day: "Sometimes, goodbyes can be a bitch" "T-shirt idea: goodbyes stink"-Jim Halpert and Michael Scott

From Jimmy: