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MCM Radio: Lets Talk About the 2015 Tennessee Titans, One Last Time

Live at 6:00 CST on New Year's Eve!

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Join hosts August West and Dan Ariks at 6:00 CST on December 31st as they discuss what's gone right, wrong and sideways with the Tennessee Titans over the past 12 months, and go over the latest options for a new coach and GM in 2016. The possibilities are huge, but the Titans are going to have to pull-off a precarious rebuild to compete in the AFC next season... are they up for it?

We'll kick off the recording live at 6:00 CST on New Year's Eve, and you can join the livestream and chat room fun here! Once the show ends, be sure to snag it on iTunes for exclusive bonus time talk.

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