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Chip Kelly Fired By The Eagles

Very surprising NFL news.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

In very surprising news, the Eagles have fired Chip Kelly as their head coach, according to their official Twitter page. The team had a disappointing year, and officially were knocked out of the playoff race after their loss to Washington. According to the team, Pat Shurmur will take over for the last game as the interim head coach.

The biggest surprise is the fact that it happened before the season ended. Also, recently, Eagles' ownership has talked about their confidence in Kelly and his plan moving forward. There were also a number of "off the record" reports that corroborated their votes of confidence. He took a risk in his power struggle in the off-season, and clearly lost.

This is news that is certainly Titans-relevant. First off, this is a new, unexpected competitor in the race for a head coach. Considering the market, Philadelphia could be a contender as one of the premier jobs. Also, the pool was likely already going to be a large one. Finally, there will obviously be speculation about the Titans bringing him on board as the next head coach. Considering the fact that he did not even make it through the season with Philadelphia, it would be a tough sell on a lot of Titans fans. There has been a lot of talk of poor relationships with players, and his personality and dedication to scheme are similar to Ken Whisenhunt's. Hopefully the Titans look in another direction, but it is something to keep an eye on.