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Colts place QB Charlie Whitehurst on IR

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

I was really looking forward to the Charlie Whitehurst revenge game on Sunday, but it won't happen.  The Colts announced today that they have placed Charlie Whitehurst on IR with a hamstring injury.  There is a really good chance that Stephen Morris is the Colts week 17 starter.  That will make for a really exciting game!

The Colts do still have that Andrew Luck guy, and there is a chance he could play.  However, he still hasn't been cleared for 11 on 11 work according to Stampede Blue, so it seems like a long shot that he would be ready to go.

The Colts will still have a shot at winning the AFC South if the Broncos beat the Bengals tonight.  Presumably Luck would be ready to go in another week.  The Colts probably think they have a chance to win a game or two in the playoffs with Luck under center.  I won't be surprised if he makes a push to get on the field Sunday....if they aren't eliminated tonight.