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Tennessee Titans 2016 schedule: Opponents determined

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We now know all of the teams the Titans will be playing in 2016.  They will face all of the teams from the AFC South (Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Houston) both at home and on the road.  They will also play every team in the AFC West (Denver and Oakland at home; Kansas City and San Diego (possibly Los Angeles) on the road).  In the NFC, they are matched up against the NFC North (Green Bay and Minnesota at home; Chicago and Detroit on the road).

Since the Titans will place 4th in the AFC South, they will face the 4th place finisher in the AFC North (Cleveland at home) and the AFC East (Miami on the road).

There is no point in trying to figure out right now if this is a tough schedule or an easy schedule.  So much will change with all of these teams, including the Titans, between now and when the games are actually played.