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Well, at least the Titans don't have a quarterback controversy

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Mettenberger was awful yesterday.  Sure, there were times where he had no chance because the line was abysmal or no one was open, but there were times he had a guy wide open and didn't come close to throwing a catchable ball.  He also throws everything 100 miles per hour.  It doesn't matter how close or far away the receiver is.

There were a lot of people that were sold on Mett as the answer.  Ruston Webster has done a lot of bad things as the general manager of this team, but at least he leaves the franchise with Marcus Mariota.  We should thank him for that...hopefully on his way out of town next week.

I like Zach Mettenberger, but his play this year has cemented the thought to me that he is a career back-up.  That doesn't mean he is terrible, because he isn't, but this franchise is going to get to where it wants to go with Mariota under center.  Now hopefully they can just keep him healthy....