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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: defense

What will make this defense a little better.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have been blown out in their last three games, and honestly it is getting to the point where I imagine even the most staunch defenders of the Titans are ready for them to lose this last game so that they can clean house this offseason without any hesitation.

So, with that in mind this week's change is going to focus on what they could do to make this team better in 2016.

Play the rookies, yes all of them.

The Titans didn't get a lot of help on the defensive side of the football in the draft, but there is still some guys who need to get some playing time on Sunday.

Angelo Blackson has been one of the best defensive linemen on this team, and you could argue that he is the most underused player in that front seven. Blackson is a great interior presence, and whether Al Woods or Sammie Hill is available, I would love to see Blackson get some attention at nose tackle.

While Blackson may be the most underused player in the front seven, Cody Riggs may be the most underused player on the team. Riggs is so good that when the Titans are playing the only time you see Riggs is when he is batting away passes, or when he is making special teams tackles. He is playing with a lot of effort which puts in him an elite category on this team right now.

J.R. Tavai had a nice game today including his first sack. While he hasn't shown anything that screams play him like the other two, he showed today that he can make plays when asked. I don't expect him to start next year, but if you can get a five deep rotation at OLB with Derrick Morgan, Brian Orakpo, Deiontrez Mount, David Bass, and J.R. Tavai it can mean one less hole for the Titans to fill in the draft.

These guys all could develop nicely and be very important in the future for the Titans, especially if Riggs shows that the Titans only need to improve at one cornerback spot instead of two. One game won't mean a big difference to a lot of these players, but it could mean tens of millions of dollars and valuable resources if they get big games from these guys.