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One change the Tennessee Titans should make: offense

One last ditch effort to make this team a little better.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have been blown out in their last three games, and honestly it is getting to the point where I imagine even the most staunch defenders of the Titans are ready for them to lose this last game so that they can clean house this offseason without any hesitation.

So, with that in mind this week's change is going to focus on what they could do to make this team better in 2016.

Play all the rookies. Yes, all of them.

I want to see a line up next week with Dorial Green-Beckham as the #1 receiver, Tre McBride inside in the slot or as the #2. So far I think that DGB has improved steadily throughout the year, and even in a game like this he was still open often, he just wasn't on the same page as Mettenberger.

McBride had a toe-tapping touchdown to prevent the shutout today, and I think he can do even more. McBride can be a good inside presence if the next coach wants Kendall Wright to play on the outside more in the future.

I want to see a run heavy offense that has a lot of Jalston Fowler in at fullback. He is a very good lead blocker and he has earned at least one game where he plays significant snaps. Behind him I want a heavy dose of David Cobb. When Cobb is in space, he is maybe the hardest person to tackle on the Titans team. His combination of strength, size, speed, and vision should make for a good running back in the future.

On the offensive line, I want to see Jeremiah Poutasi in at right guard for the Titans. Chance Warmack had some decent blocks today, but we all know who he is. Put in Poutasi who has great size and athleticism for a guard, but who just struggle to defend the edge (like all guards would).

Beside him at center, I want to see Andy Gallik. I honestly don't think that Gallik will be on this team next year, however I think he deserves the right to truly fight for a job. Put him out there with it clear that if he plays well he will get a chance to compete next year. If he plays like he has, then the Titans will be looking to move on.

Start the young guys and hope that some of them show some talent. The best thing that could happen to the Titans is a game where the Titans lose by less than a touchdown and the rookies prove that there aren't as many holes on this roster as we all think.