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Titans-Texans Final Score: Tennessee gets blown out again 34-6

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Ruston Webster shouldn't have a job right now.  Amy Adams Strunk should bust into Mike Mularkey's post game press conference and announce that everyone in the building with the exception of Dick LeBeau has been fired.  LeBeau can be the interim, interim head coach for the finale against the Colts.  I kid (kind of.)

At one point it was sad to watch this team play.  Now it is just funny.  They cannot do anything on offense.  The line is terrible, and Zach Mettenberger is terrible.  He showed some promise when he played last year.  Today he looked like he had no business being on an NFL field.  Brandon Weeden outplayed him today.  Brandon.  Weeden.

If there was any doubt about the future of Ruston Webster, and I am not sure why there would have been, it should have erased today.  He has to go.  This roster is terrible.

The good news is we will have our Sunday back after next week.  We can sit back and watch good football and not have to worry about watching the Titans get boat raced.