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2016 NFL Draft Order: Titans Will Own Top Pick With Loss Next Week

Just one more week.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Is this rock-bottom?  If it isn't, I would hate to see what was.  The Titans got blown away by a beat up, Brandon Weeden led Texans squad today, dropping them to 3-12 on the year.  It was a less than inspired effort today in every single phase of the game.

It's tough to find a silver lining these days, but I'll try anyways.

The Titans are a simple loss away from clinching the number one overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Matt Hasselbeck went down again this week for the Colts, so it looks like the Titans have a good shot at finishing the season against Charlie Whitehurst in Indianapolis.  After today's effort, we can pretty much assume that the Titans will be taking the loss in that one.

As of right now, the Titans have virtually locked up a top two pick.  The Browns and Titans stand alone at three wins a piece, but the Titans hold a big lead in the strength of schedule column.

There would need to be a major shake-up for the Titans not to land the first overall selection, now Amy Adams-Strunk and Steve Underwood need to figure out who is going to make that pick.  Ruston Webster can't be feeling great about his job after today.