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Biggest surprise of the game so far.

Why I am shocked by the game so far.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

At this point in the season, losing doesn't surprise me any more. This offense doesn't have a pulse without Marcus Mariota. Defensively, the Titans have struggled ever since Derrick Morgan went out for the season. So, I don't expect to win these games easily.

The Titans need outstanding individual performances to win each week, and the biggest surprise to me is that the Titans aren't trying to manufacture such a performance.

Where is Dorial Green-Beckham

Zach Mettenberger is locking in on Delanie Walker, and rightfully so. Walker is the Titans best receiver and he has earned every look he gets. However, Zach Mettenberger's one plus over Mariota is his big arm. The Texans showed how you can be ineffective on a down-to-down basis, as long as you have a big play every know and then.

DGB is that guy for the Titans. He is the one Titans receiver outside of Delanie Walker who is a physical mismatch for any corner or safety in the league. I understand that right now he isn't as polished as he needs to be but that shouldn't exclude him from the offense for an entire half.

Mariota was finding a way to get DGB involved despite that lack of polish, but right now Mettenberger isn't even looking his way. Even when he gets extended time in the pocket, he is looking to dump it off instead of making the big play.

DGB has to be a focal point of the Titans offense after the half if they want to have any chance to even be competitive in this game.