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Titans vs. Texans Reasons For Confidence And Concern

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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These last two games are going to be very difficult to watch without Marcus Mariota, for even the most diehard Titans fans. Luckily, several changes are on the other side so we all just have to get through this. On a lighter note, I hope everyone has a great holiday, and I encourage you to enjoy some of the actually well-played football around the league. The matchups below:

Reason For Confidence: Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden: If Brian Hoyer was a lock to play on Sunday, there would probably be no reasons for confidence yet again, but even the Titans banged up defense should not struggle much against a Brandon Weeden-quarterbacked team. A Dick Lebeau defense should be able to force Weeden into some mistakes and turnovers. That being said, his main problems arise when he is faced with pressure, which is something that the Titans have not gotten a lot of recently.

Reasons For Concern: DeAndre Hopkins, Watt and Clowney, Something vs. Nothing

Deandre Hopkins: Throughout the years, there have been many Titan killers, and Hopkins is the newest one. A top 5 wide receiver in the league, he has always been very productive against the Titans. Even with Weeden, I would not be surprised at all to see DeAndre Hopkins have a big day. The Titans secondary is very banged up and the front seven has not gotten much pressure.

Watt and Clowney: The Titans' offensive line is dreadful. At this point, every Titans fan and their dog knows this. Jadeveon Clowney has come on recently and he may have a good matchup this weekend to continue his hot streak. Watt is obviously one of the best defenders that we have seen, and he is always good for a number of sacks against the Titans. These two wreaking havoc along with the underrated Whitney Mercilus should give slow-footed, slow processing, Zach Mettenberger the same amount of trouble that they usually do. If the receivers cannot get open like usual, expect a lot of sacks.

Something vs. Nothing: The same theory as last week. Yes, all professionals have something to play for, but the division is on the line for the Texans, while a whole lot of nothing is going on in Nashville as yet another pathetic season nearly comes to a close.

Prediction: Several Titans fans do not watch, as they want to actually have an enjoyable holiday. Texans win, 13-9.