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Titans Sign QB Alex Tanney

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

That's right folks, the Trick Shot Quarterback is back on the Titans roster.  It was officially announced today that the Titans have signed Alex Tanney from the Colts practice squad.  To make room on the roster for Tanney, the Titans have placed DT Mike Martin on injured reserve.

The Titans had to sign a quarterback with the injury to Marcus Mariota.  That left Zach Mettenberger as the only healthy quarterback on the roster, and you cannot go into a game with only one healthy quarterback!

Tanney was with the Titans last December as well.  They added him to the practice squad last year.  He was with the team through training camp but was cut before the regular season started.

It is interesting that they elected to sign Tanney instead of just bringing up Mike Kafka who they added to the practice squad last week.....maybe they just wanted some entertainment between drills in practice.