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Are Peyton Manning and Bill Polian coming to save the Titans?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

You have to hand it from to Jason La Canfora.  He just keeps throwing things out there no matter how many times he is wrong.  At this point he is going to report every possible scenario that could happen for the Titans.  Eventually one of them will be right.

His latest "report" has Bill Polian and Peyton Manning joining forces to run the Titans.  The opening paragraph:

There continues to be persistent chatter in NFL personnel circles that Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning could be joining his former general manager, Bill Polian, in the front office of the Tennessee Titans in 2016. The Titans have an opening at team president, with the contract of interim president Steve Underwood expiring, and ownership's interest in having Manning on board is well known around the league, though Manning's future plans remain unclear.

Translation: I am just making stuff up, and I threw in the last line to make sure I covered all of my bases.

The best part of the whole article is that he talks in the last paragraph he says " the Adams family is desperate to make the team more relevant and interesting within the local market." Why do they care about that if they are going to sell the team in the next 9 days anyway? (I kid.)

The most accurate part of this report is that Manning's future plans remain unclear.  We can have a conversation about Peyton joining the Titans in some capacity once he has actually retired from playing football.  It is just wild speculation until then.